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Executry is the term used to describe the legal process of administering and distributing an estate of a person who has died.

Whether or not there is a will, a deceased’s estate must be distributed by an appointed executor. An executor, who can be a family member or a solicitor, is either appointed in a will or by the court.  You initially need to establish the value of Estate, and then the Executor must follow either the Small Estates Procedure, or apply to the appropriate Sheriff Court for Confirmation

Winding up an Estate - Executry or Probate

Confirmation is the Scottish equivalent of English “Probate”. We find that most of our clients have heard of Probate, but the process of Confirmation is not as well known.  It is so called as the Executors are Confirmed by the Sheriff Court as being the individuals who are legally entitled to gather the assets of the deceased & distribute them under the terms of their Will, or where there is no will, according to the law of succession.

When someone dies, it can be a very stressful and deeply emotional time for the loved ones left behind, particularly when faced with winding up the deceased’s affairs. At Williamson & Henry, our Executry Solicitors will do their best to help you deal with a deceased’s personal affairs swiftly and efficiently.


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