Ageing can be difficult. We are all increasingly bombarded by the media to consider our Long Term Care in the future.  If you are concerned about your future, or wish to review your own personal situation, we can help guide you through the possible available options.

Think A Care Home Would Be Best For You?

If you are finding day-to-day living a struggle, you should contact your local authority. At your request, they will carry out a free assessment of your care needs. The assessment will determine whether you need care at home, don’t require care or need care in a care home.

If the assessment shows that you would benefit from care in a home, before agreeing, there are financial implications to consider.

Financial Assistance for Care Services in Scotland

While some care services do not require to be paid for, most care services do and care home fees can be very expensive.
To assist, firstly you should ensure that you are receiving all the benefits available to you. If you are unsure, our specialist care solicitors, will be able to help you.

Additionally, you may be eligible for help with payment for care from your Local Authority. To find out if you are eligible for financial assistance, the Local Authority should carry out a Financial Assessment of your savings and income. In doing so, they will determine how much you will need to pay towards the costs of any care services. It is worth noting that in making their determination, the local authority can consider assets that you have recently gifted away.

Can The Financial Assessment Be Declined?

If you ask the Local Authority to carry out a financial assessment, they are required to do so by law. It is your choice however, whether or not to ask for the financial assessment. Of course, if you do not, you will have to pay any and all care fees.

Don’t Understand Care Home Fees? Call Williamson & Henry Now

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