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None of us like to contemplate what will happen in the event that we are no longer capable of dealing with our own affairs, but it is something that we should all consider as there are many reasons, extending beyond one’s health, that could render us unable to sign things or act on our own behalf, either temporarily or permanently.

The Scottish Government led the way in the UK and the very first Act introduced by the Scottish Parliament back in 2000 created a new public body, the Office of the Public Guardian.  It is now possible for any adult to grant a Power of Attorney, which is a written document that sets out precisely what you would like someone else to be able to do on your behalf in the event that you are no longer capable, or no longer wish to do yourself.

Putting in Place a Power of Attorney

This is something we would encourage all our clients to consider putting in place yet we hope that they are never legally required.  However, if they are required the existence of the Power of Attorney can ease a potentially difficult time for your family and loved ones.

It is important to decide who you would like to act on your behalf and what matters, whether personal welfare (including Care Home Fees) or finances, they would have control over. Don’t leave it until the eleventh hour, please contact us at Williamson & Henry to talk through the options that may suit you and what kind of powers you wish to be exercised on your behalf should you become unable to do so.

Wills, Executries & Powers of Attorney Across South West Scotland

If you need advice regarding a will, executry or power of attorney, we can help. We are flexible and happy to meet you at a time and location convenient to you and your family and have offices in Kirkcudbright, Gatehouse of Fleet and New Galloway. Click here or call us now on 01557 330 692.

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