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We have an opportunity for the right Solicitor to join our team. Even if you specialise in another area at present, or think you may not have the right experience to work in the Kirkcudbright area, please read on. What is more important is where you want to be in the future, the lifestyle you want, and whether you have the drive to get there.

Who do we need?

The work you currently deal with is not that important. I myself used to be an English qualified solicitor exclusively dealing with court work in Sheffield and retrained on starting with Williamson & Henry, effectively being a “trainee” for the first year whilst I learnt. If you currently deal with other work types, we are happy to retrain you.

If you have particular skills, it may be possible for you to build additional areas of practice at Williamson and Henry and/or expand the geographical areas we serve.

What we do need is someone who is prepared to think innovatively and come up with ideas to change and develop the business proactively. We have monthly meetings of all four solicitors, which lends itself to the firm being very open and transparent in terms of management decisions and you would be involved in decision making discussions from the outset. I think this is going to be a time of significant change. Those who can adapt and see new opportunities will do well. Other businesses may well disappear. We need someone who has the desire and ability to help lead the business forward. Above all, we are looking for someone who will become part of and contribute towards our excellent team

What work do we do?
We have a strong estate agency practice and are therefore also busy with conveyancing work for sales, purchases and property transfers. We also deal with other private client work, predominantly wills, powers of attorney, and administering estates, and carry out some work for local farmers and other businesses

We are a friendly team who help each other out. We are flexible and try to accommodate the needs of our work colleagues, seeking to agree hours, days, etc. that suit our staff as well as meeting the firm’s needs. I am a strong believer that each of us achieve our best work if we enjoy doing it and the job fits with our circumstances. We are changing to have all our staff working in the office a couple of days a week (as circumstances allow), but continuing to work from home on other days to suit our staff as well as meeting the firm’s needs.

Why Kirkcudbright?
The reasons for living somewhere will always be personal. Many will choose Scotland’s artists town as they have an artistic flair. For me, some of the main reasons I enjoy living here are:

Space. Many think of the Highlands as spacious without realising quite how sparsely populated Dumfries and Galloway is! I have always appreciated being able to walk on peaceful paths or cycle on very quiet roads. These benefits became increasingly important during the coronavirus lock down and at times I felt almost guilty enjoying our superb countryside in beautiful sunshine, whilst I am very aware that many others living in cities were not so fortunate.

Sports and other activities. Kirkcudbright has a huge amount going on for a town of only 4000 people. There is a prevailing “can do” attitude with many in the community generously contributing their time to keep the numerous clubs societies and activities going

Safe. I have hugely appreciated being able to allow our children the freedom to go off (away from any adults) with their friends from an early age to explore, something which seems rare in most parts of the country now.

Schools. Very few send their children to private schools in this area as the local state schools are well regarded. Kirkcudbright Academy enjoys an excellent academic reputation, and its music department is particularly good.

Sun. I am not going to tell you that the sun always shines in Kirkcudbright, but we do benefit from abundant natural light and a mild climate as a result of the Gulf Stream and our location in the very south of Scotland.

Why are we recruiting?
We have two partners: Ross Ireland and myself, Ian Rodger. We also have two employed solicitors: Helen Steele and Graham Donnelly. Ross Ireland has already switched to working part time and is planning to step down as a partner at the end of March 2021, becoming a consultant, before retiring completely in due course. We are particularly keen to recruit someone who has the ambition and potential to become one of the business owners.

f you think that working for Williamson & Henry may be for you or if you simply want to find out more then please email me initially on . Of course, I will keep your enquiry completely confidential unless you agree otherwise. I would hope we may be able to arrange an initial chat by telephone or video conference.

Ian Rodger

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