As we are sure you will be aware, the impact of the Covid-19 Coronavirus continues to accelerate and affect many people’s lives in every aspect including the industries and workplaces they are part of.  We have been closely monitoring the guidance given by both the Government and the Legal Services Governing bodies about how and what work we can continue during this time to ensure we keep staff, clients and their families safe and help slow the speed of the virus.

With such uncertain times, the third party services and other industries we rely on to progress the work we do for clients are having to take unprecedented measures (such as the recent temporary closure of the Land Register of Scotland for Applications, and direct guidance from The Law Society of Scotland that conveyancing and transactional work should be ‘paused’) to ensure their staff are safe also.  Much of what we do cannot be done without these third party services being operational. 

The Governments have not categorised workers in our field to be ‘key workers’ who can continue to travel to work and therefore in these circumstances of national emergency, we feel that we are left with no other option but to close our office premises with immediate effect until further notice or until the restrictions placed on us by our Government are lifted. This action has been taken in the interests of public health and to ensure we are not putting our staff at risk.

We have been working remotely as much as possible to date to attend to client business but there is only so much that can be done from home without our main office being operational.  We also need staff in the office to operate. As we cannot have staff in the office, we cannot have staff working from home either. Therefore we are extremely limited in what we can do for you at present.

At this time, we would ask our clients and third parties to communicate by email to . If your matter is urgent, please call 01557 330 692, However, there are currently only two of us (Ian Rodger and Ross Ireland) to deal with everything. We may not be able to respond quickly. We will try to help if we can, but are very limited in our capacity to do so at present.

We will of course continue to closely monitor the Scottish and UK Governments advice and await the release of any further information or details that will impact on the welfare of our employees, clients and our business.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we all try to adjust and allow our country to ensure the safety of its people during these unprecedented times.  We hope that we will be able our doors again soon to continue servicing the needs of our clients and community.

Stay well and stay safe.


Your Williamson and Henry Team

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Farming, Agriculture and Forestry

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Rural and Agricultural Law can have its own unique considerations quite distinct from residential transactions, although there are similarities, particularly in Conveyancing and Property Law.

The buyer’s Solicitor will make an offer to the seller, the seller’s Solicitor will issue a Qualified Acceptance with certain conditions to be agreed upon, and ultimately the buyer’s and seller’s Solicitors will conclude missives once all terms are agreed. The conclusion of missives creates a binding contract and usually a deposit is paid. The Disposition will be drawn up outlining the extent of the property and ensuring the buyer is receiving good title. On the date of entry, the balance of the price is paid and the keys are handed over. The transfer of title is then registered in the Land Register of Scotland.

Rural Missives of Sale or Purchase

Also, when buying or selling a farm or rural property, you may be buying or selling more than just land. There could be machinery, stock, or a business concern also.

Whether you are considering buying or selling an agricultural property, we can give you guidance and ensure you get the correct advice.

Contact: Williamson & Henry on 01557 330692 for your agricultural or rural matters.

Forestry Transactions

The purchase or sale of woodland is a similar step-by-step process to any other property transaction, but again with certain peculiarities. It is important to determine if the woodland was planted with the benefit of any grants and, if so, are there any conditions outstanding and what forms are required to transfer any remaining subsidies and obligations? The buyer’s solicitor will make a formal offer to the seller’s solicitor to buy the proposed area of woodland under certain conditions. This begins the missives for the transaction.

It is important to determine that there are no constraints affecting the land which would affect grant applications, planting, felling, or timber extraction.

We can assist with small scale forestry transactions.

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