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updated 03/07/2020

Yes, we will be pleased to help you with any of the work we normally deal with. 

We are trying to minimise face to face appointments.  Please first get in touch with us by email or by telephoning 01557 330692 or for property enquiries telephone 01557 331049.  If you need an appointment to see a Solicitor then we will organise a “virtual meeting” with you by video link.  If this is not possible then we can still meet with you, either in our offices or in your home.

The reception in our main office at 13 St Mary Street is closed.  Our Property Office at 3 St Cuthbert Street is only open for restricted hours.  Please check the door or our website for details.  We can see you in either office or at home by pre-arranged appointment.

Can I sell my property?

We can now visit your property to prepare all of the details needed to bring your property to market.  We are also happy to visit you in order that we can let you have our views on the value of your property, discuss current market conditions, etc.  We are always happy to provide a detailed estimate of our fees and of the outlays we will incur on your behalf.

Virtual tours are now of increasing importance. We think the tours we produce are the best available in this area, and can give purchasers a really good impression of your property even though they have not physically viewed it. Please don’t take our word for it: for information about the tour we would prepare for your property please see : Virtual Tour Information

If you are already marketing your property through other agents and would like to switch to Williamson and Henry, we will be very pleased to help you.

Once a buyer is found, we can deal with the conveyancing. Nearly all agencies we have to deal with have adapted well and found new ways of working.

Can i view properties

If you are interested in one of our properties please first learn as much as you can about the property before asking us for a viewing. If you have any queries ask us: you can phone 01557 331049 or email We recommend you look at the description of the property available online, view the brochure and read the Home Report. Many of our properties have virtual tours to view: please ask us if you are not sure how to access it. We will be pleased to organise an actual viewing for you if you wish, but to minimise health risks we are trying to keep the number of physical viewings of properties to a minimum.

Can I purchase a property?

Yes, we can deal with the conveyancing work. If you need a mortgage most lenders are prepared to lend at present, though a larger deposit may be required- check with your lender or mortgage broker.

Can I make a Will?

Yes, provided we can take instructions from you. This may be possible by telephone but ideally will be by video link between the solicitor and you. We can even witness you signing the Will by video link if you cannot find a witness who can be physically present when you sign. We have professional obligations, which include being satisfied that you have sufficient understanding of what you are doing to make a Will and that you are not under undue influence from someone else. Therefore it may not always be possible for us to help you make a Will unless we can physically meet with you.

Power of attorney

As with Wills, the law allows us to witness a Power of Attorney by video meeting with you.  Again we have to be satisfied that you have sufficient understanding and that you are not under undue influence from someone else.  Therefore we may need to physically meet with you in some cases. For Powers of Attorney, we have to certify that we saw you sign the document. Therefore to help you put a power of attorney in place we will either need a video meeting with you or to physically meet with you.

Can you help me if a relative has died?

Yes, please get in touch and we will be pleased to offer initial advice and assistance by telephone, video link, or by meeting with you. We can assist with virtually all matters in the administration of a person’s estate, though many organisations we deal with have had to find different ways to operate, and therefore things may take longer than normal.


As we say, please get in touch if you are unsure whether we can help. The situation is changing constantly and the above guidance will be out of date the day after we have prepared it. If you are unsure whether we can help please get in touch and ask.

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